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7 years

Offices in Europe, USA and Asia

100+ projects

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What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a cooperation model where you hire an employee from another company for a certain amount of time.

Outstaffing for Web2 studios

Get into blockchain development even without necessary expertise. You won't have to retrain your team, as we provide experienced professionals ready to get started right away.

Outstaffing for Web3 projects

Augment your team with our developers for the timeframe you need. Our Project Manager and Tech Lead provide the necessary support during their work and prompt resolution of any issues.

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of our Outstaffing Services

Economic Advantage

Economic Advantage

Our outstaffing services provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house development, saving on overheads and infrastructure costs.
Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer our services at an adequate cost, providing access to top blockchain developers without the hefty price tag.
Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

We've initiated an education program to cultivate top-tier blockchain professionals. We have nurtured many of our outstaff developers ourselves, and helped them go from juniors to confident middles and seniors.
Task-Specific Expertise

Task-Specific Expertise

We allocate experts for each task, ensuring every job is done to the highest standards, providing the advantage of specialized skills.
Dedicated Project Management

Dedicated Project Management

We offer a project manager who supervises the developer, monitors their productivity, solves issues, and provides consistent feedback.
Tech Support

Tech Support

We provide robust technical support to our developers, assisting them in resolving any technical challenges promptly and efficiently.
Accessible App For Developers Searching

Accessible App For Developers Searching

With our app that operates as a marketplace of ready-to-work developers, you can view candidate profiles right now, allowing for quick decisions and discussions with our manager.
Rigorous Selection

Rigorous Selection

Our powerful selection process ensures that only the best developers become a part of our team, guaranteeing top-tier expertise.


If anything doesn't go as planned, we provide replacements to ensure seamless project continuation and delivery.
Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

We provide risk mitigation measures, ensuring any unforeseen circumstances do not derail your project, providing peace of mind and consistent output.
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    You send us request

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    We send you the list of devs

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    You choose the best

  • 4

    The developer come to your interview

  • 5

    We sign up the agreement

    You can check the agreement mock up to speed up the process

  • 6

    The developer starts working

Outstaffing Roadmap

Tech Stack


JavaScript, TypeScript, Solidity, Rust, Golang, Python, Dart, java/kotlin, swift


Hardhat, Truffle, NodeJS, HapiJS, NestJS, ExpressJS, Django, Gin, Vue, Nuxt, React, Next, Flutter


Postgres SQL, MySql, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB, AWS s3, Sequelize, TypeORM, Mongoose


GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, git flow


Jest, Mocha, Hapi/lab, PyTest, GoTest


Web3, Ethers, Bitcoin-core, Ton-core, Tron-grid, Tron-web


Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus

MQ brokers

Kafka, RabbitMQ, NatsMQ


Our developers are located in different countries, so it is easy for us to find a specialist in a time zone that is convenient for you


Office in Latvia


Office in Kazakhstan


Office in Thailand


Remote work

Our developers

Andranik O


Middle Blockchain Dev.

2 Years of experience


Ivan K


Senior GameFi Dev.

12 Years of experience


Egor D


Middle Blockchain Dev.

6 Years of experience


Rodolfo C


Middle+ Full-stack Dev.

4 Years of experience


Oleg B


Junior + Full-stack Dev.

5 Years of experience


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His ability to manage multiple tasks and different stacks has been invaluable to the team.

The company is very happy to have him onboard as he has helped them a lot.

The feedback from everyone on the team has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Overall, Utkir is a great member to any company looking for a talented and reliable full-stack developer.

Developer image



The active development phase of the main part of the project is currently underway. We connect Dmitry to many meetings with our developers, because the smart contract interacts with the backend, front and the game.

Dmitry copes very well with his work, takes the initiative in solving new non-trivial tasks. He always gets in touch and we see his desire to make a quality product.

Developer image



Kirill has taught blockchain development in our courses. He is an excellent solid developer and an experienced teacher, who knows how to present the most complex information in a clear and accessible way for students.

He is responsible, he completed all assignments on time, we knew we could rely on him. Kirill is a good mentor, very knowledgeable in his field - we are glad to have him as a teacher.

Developer image



Dmitry has been a great asset who has assisted in the planning, implementation and testing stages of Aqualis smart contracts.

He is responsible for the majority of our current smart contracts which are in testing. Dmitry has been very thorough with communication and collaborated greatly throughout the projects he has undertaken.

Developer image



Michael was excellent. He was thoughtful and understood our concepts well. His EVM code was clean and easy to understand and he was extremely supportive. What was most impressive was that he delivered on-time to a high quality.

The project, Lighthouse, was about a smart contract related to reputation credentialing. What we appreciate the most working with Crypton Studio, is the fast, on-time, and flexible approach.

Developer image



Onur helps us solve solidity and contract related issues. Onur has good interpersonal skills and is not afraid to ask for explanation or help on the tasks he has been assigned, which are great qualities to have when working with remote teams.

He spends enough time understanding the tasks and has good logical thinking skills to derive proper secure solutions in required time and has yet to exceed any of the deadlines.

Developer image



Dmitry was fundamental to the development of Token’s (DGTA) smart contract.

Dmitry was diligent making sure he was on top of all details regarding the token’s vesting schedule, and tokenomics.

Moreover, he provided insights that improved our smart contract. He was able to deliver the smart contract before the deadline, which was very helpful to start the audit earlier, and he was always available to talk about the project. Also, he discussed, clarified and fixed the points that the audit team brought up. We would definitely recommend Dmitry’s work.

Developer image



Anthony performed exceptionally well during the discovery phase. He possesses outstanding team leadership qualities and demonstrates excellent communication with both the team and the client. He is not hesitant to take responsibility for his tasks and consistently meets all deadlines and commitments. Furthermore, his knowledge and skills are also outstanding. We would be delighted to work with him again if the need arises.


Junior Developer

from 15$/h

Middle Developer

from 25$/h

Senior/Team Lead

from 45$/h

Your perfect developer is waiting for you


Smart contracts

Our developers have worked on testing of smart contracts through an AI-enabled platform. They’ve created smart contracts and work with ML-models.

Tech Stack

Solidity, Foundry

Decentralized exchange/swaps

Our developers have created the DeFi exchange with a multi-asset liquidity pool. It works as an interoperable pool of funds that can be used simultaneously for trading, lending, third party use and more. The team has worked on vesting, lending, staking, smart contracts and reward contracts.

Tech Stack

Solidity, Hardhat, JS, Alchemy, OpenZeppelin, Web3.js , Mocha, Chai, Docker.

Tokenization platform

Our developers have been working on a solution for creating tokens and listing them on the client's website. The team has implemented features such as TGE (token generating event), token listing, vesting and developed smart contracts for the above.

Tech Stack

Solidity, Hardhat, JS

Mobile app for car sharing

Our developers have created a mobile app for electric car sharing with a wide range of features: AI assistant, user tariffs, radio. Users can keep track of their car reservations, where the nearest charging stations are and more.

Tech Stack


Multichain network/NFT Marketplace

Specific tasks in this project were development of on-chain architecture and smart contracts. The Outstaff team developed the NFT marketplace with features such as data aggregation from other NFT marketplaces, low transaction costs, user-friendly system, and more.

Tech Stack

Solidity, Huff, Yul, JS/TS (NodeJs), Golang; Hardhat, Foundry, Serverless(js), mux(go), selenium(js), Mocha (JS/TS), Slither, OpenZeppelin, Wyvern v3

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How do we select developers for our talent pool?

We use our extensive development expertise to select only the best candidates. You are assured of experienced professionals who have been rigorously vetted by our team.

What have we achievied in the blockchain industry?

  1. 5.0 average review rating on Clutch
  2. One of the best-performing Latvian company in 2022
  3. Build a Shards Network partnership community with hundreds of development teams

What are our key areas?

  • Neobank
  • Investment platforms
  • Tokenization platform
  • Portfolio management app
  • Mobile wallet
  • Payment apps for merchant
  • Exchanges
  • Decentralized exchange/swaps
  • NFT marketplace
  • Staking platform
  • Crowdfunding platforms (IDO)
  • Betting platforms
  • Options trading exchange
  • P2P lending platform
  • Custom blockchain
  • GameFi
  • Metaverse SDK

How to order a developer?

You send us a request, and then we send you a list of developers to choose the best fit. The developer comes to your interview. We sign the agreement. The developer starts working.

What kind of developers do you provide?

We have developers for every requirement and task. We provide smart contract developers, backend and frontend, mobile, full stack or other specialists on demand. You can choose from our base of junior, mid or senior developers.

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

The cost of a specialist depends on his level, skills and required hours of work.