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Your crypto business, our developers for its realization. We help to close development processes well and release project releases on time.

Professional outstaffing of solidity and rust developers with an individual approach
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Today, tech companies around the world are actively recruiting solidity and rust developers from overseas. We are engaged in relocation to Europe or Thailand on a turnkey basis: we help to relocate and work on the tasks of cool companies.


The form of freelance practice, which is widely used in companies for IT specialists recruitment.

We are engaged in outstaffing solidity and rust developers and dedicated teams in the European market.

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Solidity developer
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Solidity developer
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Rust developer
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Solidity developer
We have three hubs (offices): in Latvia, Thailand and France. While collaborating in the solidity outstaff format, developers work, live and study in one space.

Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started with cryptography, it is important to start learning Solidity and Rust.

As part of outstaffing, we support our solidity and rust developers in every possible way: we create and conduct training programs from juniors to seniors.

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We help companies not only meet staffing needs, but also their in-house developers to be in trend.

Inside our hub, we create and deliver custom blockchain technology training programs for developers who are already working in European startups or web studios.

From time to time we hold meetups, hackathons, Friday networking for everyone. All activities are held in our hubs and are open not only to resident developers, but also to anyone interested in blockchain.


We have over 1000 resumes of solidity and rust devs in our base. We form private community of any level in Telegram. If you are interested in joining, feel free to push the button below.


We form and maintain our pool of partners. In total it holds over 50 solidity startup teams and web-studios. In our community we share our clients both in solidity, rust and other blockchain areas.

Ethereum support

Ethereum supports many high-level languages ​​that can be used to write smart contracts, the highest priority being Solidity.

We give preference to this particular language for smart contracts, therefore we strongly support the Ethereum team and take part in the development of Ethereum 2.0.


Our team is for decentralization. We strongly support various blockchain communities and developer:

  • we advise developers on the creation of smart contracts for free,
  • we test in-house developers of blockchain companies for free,
  • we are engaged in turnkey solidity and rust development.
1000+ developers in our base
100 already working
7 devs ready to start working tomorrow
15 Dev students
3 offices Latvia, France and Thailand
Outstaffing with professionals for any period of time
Need a Solidity or Rust dev for your project?
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